Project information

  • Category: Project
  • Client: None
  • Project date: 10 April, 2021
  • Skills used: CAD, SketchUp, Research, and Wood Molding

More Info

After the pandemic continued, I began noticing a large amount of reuseable masks being thrown away... For the longest time I advocated for my peirs to switch to re'useable, however to my dismay people did not heed my advice. So instead of relyinging on my peers to change I decided to repurpose throw away masks. I began some research and found several ways to repurpose the masks, however I ended up settling on melting them and then molding the substrate into another form. My plan was successful, I lead my fellow associate in repurposing several masks, and we plan on forming a stool made of recycled masks in a short time to come.

Mask Proposal

Put Together STL
Parts STL
Mold STL