Project information

  • Category: Debate / Public Speaking
  • Client: VCFL, State Tournament
  • Project date: 13 March, 2021
  • Skills used: Communication, Research, and Civil Discourse

More Info

Hey, this is some debate research me and my partner did over two and a half weeks for a debate tournament (state tournament), debating the resolution "Resolved on balance, the benefits of creating the United States Space Force outweigh the harms". The research, speeches, notes, and rebuttals total around 125 pages (might be wrong... That count is added with a few files that I didn't include). I was primarily responsible for the Pro Case (as well as an overwhelming majority of the research page), and my partner was primarily responsible for the Con Case.

DISCLAIMER The following research is only intended to be used for educational purposes. The following files shall not be used against me, as the files are only a testament to my dedication and are not effected by personal opinion (nor do they reflect my personal opinion), as the point of debate is to argue for both sides, regardless of personal stance

Research Page
Pro Case and Rebuttals
Pro Notes
Con Case and Rebuttals
Con Notes

Connor and I also wrote a paper for the school newspaper, you can find a link to the article Here, or open a pdf of the paper Here.