Following the introduction of my new club (WFS Entrepreneurship), I decided to make a website in order to showcase some activites we as a club would work on, as well as showing the individuals leading the club at the time (3 of us). As seen in the first photo, I also added a "Join Us" button, that button took individuals who clicked on it to a google sheets page on which they can apply to they club... If you are currently part of Woodberry, and you would like to apply sign up Here.

Above is the first screen you see as you enter the webpage. At the top you can see there is a sticky nav bar. The bar also lights up as you go up and down the page... AKA if you are over the mission area on the webpage a blue box will appear around the mission button in the navbar.

Here I show our club's mission statement, and also add a link to the signup form once again... The mission statement reads: "Through the toils of early life many lose sight of the future ahead. Our goal is to educate students and members on entrepreneurial and business opportunities. We focus on teaching members how to manage a business, start a business from the ground up, how to work with a team, and ultimately how to be successful through teaching with on hand experience. Join us on our jouney."

Here I showcase several activities that we as a club will participate in:

Hands on Business Practice, Entrepreneurship Competitions, Exclusive Conferences, and Student Hosted Case Studies

Above I show the 3 founders of the club, and their corresponding pictures:

Reed Graff (me), Ben Zhou, Sambo Bratton

Finally I show the join section, it reads:

If you are interested in joining us on our jouney through Woodberry, please sign up by clicking Here. If you have any inquiries please email us Here

Here I show the Modal for the "Hands on Business Practice" section of our club.

Simulation activities for real life scenarios in the early stages of creating a startup business.

Hands on practice is the most crucial part in learning, and also the most efficient... Throughout the year we will host several events in order to stimulate growth...

During a full year we will host a Shark Tank style invention convention where members can showcase possible business ideas that we as a club can pursue and develop over the course of the year.

We also offer
Field trips to witness successful businesses in Virginia
Case Studies of Successful Businessmen to gain sight on their journey

"Here are some of the many competitions we are going to encourage members to participate in:

MIT Launch X
MIT's Launch X program is built to help young entrepreneurs innovate and start companies.
“Our goal is to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs by giving high school students both robust entrepreneurship training and a real opportunity to try their hands at starting a business,” says Laurie Stach, the founder and director of MIT Launch.

Diamond challenge
An innovative entrepreneurship competition offering $100,000 in prizes and resources to take student ideas to the next level.
The Diamond Challenge curriculum focuses on helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain firsthand experience with the entrepreneurial process, empowering them to be entrepreneurial in whatever careers they may choose.

We are open to any challenge or competition members are interested in. "

"Throughout the year we will invite alumni businessman and entrepreneurs to come and speak on their experience with selling products in the market.

Here are some examples of some questions we could be asking"
“What have you found to be the most effective way to market your product?”
“How do you know what audience you should target?”
“How do you target and cater to that audience?”
“What should I be doing now to help prepare me for the future in a field like your own?”
“What jobs/internships should I be looking at?”
“What should I have on my resume? And what would you look for on a resume when hiring?”
“Do you work in a group or alone?”
“What mistakes did you make early on that cost you time and money?”
“What is your biggest regret growing up?”

"Throughout the year we plan on having student hosted case studies exploring the success and falls of past businesses of entrepreneurs

What Methods Past Businesses Have Used
- Planned Obsolescence
- Market Segmentation
- Market Research
- Targeting Specific Audiences"

Project information

  • Category: Web design and development
  • Client: Woodberry Forest School Entrepreneurship Club (Co-Founder / CTO)
  • Project date: 10 March, 2021
  • Skills used: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JSON
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More Info:

If you are currently part of Woodberry, and you would like to apply sign up Here.