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Why would you want to be an entrepreneur?

First of all, there’s a lot of excitement involved by following this path. Right. You’ll be working for yourself, starting your own business, and everyday, you’ll be waking up and thinking what can I do better for my business. What can I do to make sure that it runs faster, expand more, or get more customers. Unlike a job where you get paid the same amount every single month with the same schedule, your brain is always running and working. Elon Musk is a great example. This man dropped founded paypal, where he earned his first pot of gold, and now he’s the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, going around the world to attend meetings and conferences. His next plan is to start private trips to the moon. And HE...is an entrepreneur.

The Freedom

Secondly, you have a lot of freedom to schedule your time. As an entrepreneur, you aren’t bound from 9am to 5pm. There’s a lot of work, but you schedule them to certain times of the day. You could go on a vacation and continue to work for a few hours a day. It all depends on you. Everything surrounds you. You’ll also have a sense of purpose in life, since you’ll be paid based on your performance, NOT based on your time. The better you perform, the more value you can generate. Especially if a business is up and running successfully, money will flow in very fast. Just saying, ladies also love men who are successful, if that’s what you’re interested in.


Thirdly, wealth. I’m not talking about being materialistic rich, although that comes along with being very wealthy. The wealth I am talking about is having a driven and focused mindset, never giving up, and that you’ll be fine in life whatever happens. No matter what how little money you have, or if you are broke, you know that one day you’ll be getting to the top with a nice limo and fancy suits, and of course, giving back to the community. It’s very rare to achieve a good amount of wealth and money through working a normal job. If you stop working, money stops flowing, and the harder you work, the wealthier your boss gets. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, work for free.

Club and the Activities We Offer

One of the primary goals we have as a club is to act as a cradle for young entrepreneurs… We are really here to aid y’all in every way possible… If you are looking for a summer internship, we can help you find one. If you are looking to start your own business, we can help kickstart your campaign. If you want to compete in an entrepreneurship competition, we can help you all along the way.

  • Hands on Business Practice
  • Entrepreneurship competitions
  • Exclusive conference with Successful Businessmen and Entrepreneurs
  • Monthly Student Ran Entrepreneurship Presentations

Hands On Business Practice

Simulation activities for real life scenarios in the early stages of creating a startup business.
Hands on practice is the most crucial part in learning, and also the most efficient... Throughout the year we will host several events in order to stimulate growth...

During a full year we will host a Shark Tank style invention convention where members can showcase possible business ideas that we as a club can pursue and develop over the course of the year.

We also offer

  • Field trips to witness successful businesses in Virginia
  • Case Studies of Successful Businessmen to gain sight on their journey

Entrepreneurship Competitions

"Here are some of the many competitions we are going to encourage members to participate in:

MIT Launch X
MIT's Launch X program is built to help young entrepreneurs innovate and start companies.

    “Our goal is to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs by giving high school students both robust entrepreneurship training and a real opportunity to try their hands at starting a business,” says Laurie Stach, the founder and director of MIT Launch.

Diamond challenge
An innovative entrepreneurship competition offering $100,000 in prizes and resources to take student ideas to the next level.

    The Diamond Challenge curriculum focuses on helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain firsthand experience with the entrepreneurial process, empowering them to be entrepreneurial in whatever careers they may choose.

We are open to any challenge or competition members are interested in. "

Exclusive Conferences

During the course of the year we plan on reaching out to alumni, and inviting them over to help us learn from their experiences, mistakes, and triumphs… Their presence will also build future business connections for students. Including the possibility of summer internships at well known companies. Ideally we are looking for experienced Businessman and Entrepreneurs. And we plan on having one over twice per month.


Throughout the year we plan on having student hosted case studies exploring the success and falls of past businesses of entrepreneurs

  • What methods they used
  • Planned obsolescence
  • Market segmentation
  • Market research
  • Conventional vs unique strategies

Long Term Goal

And...this is our long term goal...To become make Woodberry the most unique and wealthiest high school in the world... Academically, it’s extremely hard to beat Exeter and Andover because of the history behind them. However, academic success doesn’t determine your financial wellbeing make after you graduate! We want Woodberry to be known as the cradle of young entrepreneurs, the ones that hire graduates of Exeter and Andover, and not become the academically successful specialists that work for others.

We’ll make Woodberry the most unique and wealthy High School through producing successful business students, who will then turn into successful Alumni, which brings in more donation and reputation, and the cycle repeats. It’ll get better each and every year, with more and more young man with good potential tuning in and help the school they love while learning about entrepreneurship and financial knowledge that’ll come in very handy after they graduate. Eventually, this will transform Woodberry as one of the top and the wealthiest High Schools in America.

Project information

  • Category: Club
  • Client: Woodberry Forest School
  • Project date: 01 February, 2021
  • Skills used: Leadership and Communication... I served as the Co-founder and CTO, although I also aided in teaching.

More Info:

Many people today graduate from high school or college and have no idea how to manage or generate money, so they end of struggling with debt their whole lives, despite what kind of job they might have, and so our mission is to provide members with the experience and knowledge to deal with failure, and to seperate members from the average. When money comes, a member's first thought should be, how can I generate more value? How can I start a business and continue to manage it so that money keeps on flowing in. Members will be learning all sorts of useful tactics to help them thrive with a good lifestyle and provide work for themselves and others in the future.