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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I study computer science, engineering, and I love a good debate. The primary area of my expertise is in Computer Aided Design (I primarily use Siemens NX, and OpenFoam for CFD and FEA), light coding projects, and physics.

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Entrepreneur | Engineer | Orator

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - ARISTOTLE

  • Full Name: Reed Remington Graff
  • Birthday: 21 April, 2004
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 (972) - 730 - 2310

*I recommend you email me at my school email for the fastest response.


The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. ~ Vidal Sassoon, hairdressing business tycoon

Lines of code that I have written and editied throughout my many projects

Projects showcased on this website. Shhhh, I have more that I am keeping secret for the time being

HTML based appications currently running

Hours spent on independent studies.


The following skills strictly display my engineering skills and experience. Outside of engineering I have also expressed my ablility and knowledge of economics, Entrepreneurship, and political analysis / discourse. To give reason for my vast disparity in interests, I love phsysics because it invloves facts, and economics seems to me to be one of the few fields of study in politics that involves an incessant supply of facts (a good thing). All else seems to me to be organized conjecture (not a good thing). Economists are also one of the least controversial kinds of "political analysts".

SketchUp CAD 100%
Siemens NX CAD 40%
OpenFoam CFD & FEA30%
Post Processing with Blender10%
Data Visualization with LibreOffice 65%
Data Visualization with GNU Octave 20%
HTML 90%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 40%
PHP 10%
JSON 10%
Backend (Google Firebase) 35%
Python 40%
Java 25%
Arduino based C 15%


Throughout my educational career I have built a strong work ethic matched with my time managemement skills that have launched me to where I am today. I pride myself in my content driven studies and projects

Outside of my experience and knowledge, I genuinely believe that I am a good person, something that seems almost outlandinsh in these times. Although I do not believe that I should be the one to judge myself (and to be frank this seems petty to promote myself in this way). I am serious when I say that if you have any personal question or general inquiry I beg that you reach out to me though my personal email.

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Reed Graff

Throughout my educational career I have built a strong work ethic matched with consistently superior time managemement skills that have launched me to where I am today. I pride myself in my content driven studies and projects, and I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Engineering, and Oration.


Woodberry Forest Boarding School

9 - Present

Woodberry Forest, Virginia

"Woodberry Forest is an exceptional boarding school community for boys in grades nine through twelve that transforms good boys with potential and the will to succeed into honorable and respectful men of moral purpose."

Cistercian Preparatory School

5 - 8

Irving, Texas

"Our mission at Cistercian is to nourish, mentor, and expand the minds, hearts and souls of all our incredibly capable students by challenging them each and every year with an excellent, proven, and well-rounded academic program, by molding their characters through the enduring values of Catholic education, and by offering them on-going personal guidance and support with both understanding and discipline."


Of the many projects I have worked on I have attempted to highlight some of the most noteworthy below. Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page to learn more, and to stay updated on my upcoming projects.

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Why me?

What do you have to gain from my presence? And why should you take me in as opposed to someone else?

Business Mindset

Besides the businesses that I have started. I have also aided in the creation of several other businesses (None that would interefere with my own of course).

Content Driven

I pride myself in my work, and I dedicate myself to projects, and any other task at hand.

Deadline Driven

I can stay on time, and I consistently accomplish my tasks on time and often ahead of schedule.


Through the many experiences that I have had. I have gained the ability to work well in groups, and have shown this through the many social clubs that I am in currently.


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898 Woodberry Forest Road Virginia, 22989


+1 (972) - 730 - 2310

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